“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.” Frederick Douglass

Thank you so much for taking the time to exquisitely document your trip through HOA hell.

We are living in our own version in a small community outside of Lenoir, NC. After three lawsuits, we are still facing legal limbo, since the courts are powerless to undo the mess that our developer created. Each trip to court has cost us about $20,000. Fortunately, we have shared some of the costs with other homeowners, but most are unwilling to continue and plan to sell their homes.

The developer and his cronies tried to force us to accept new bylaws that would subject us to dues, fees, and assessments under 47F, even after we had a well known HOA attorney from Greensboro write a letter informing them that we were not a planned community since our deed restrictions did not state that we would pay anything to anyone. The only statement in our Declaration is “a property owners association shall be formed” and nothing more.

We have searched for this type of information for several years, and for some reason, just discovered it. We have found the links you provided to be most helpful. With gratitude…

Charles Woodworth

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