Picnic on the 6th Anniversary of the Supreme Court Ruling

Saturday, August 18th marks the sixth anniversary of the North Carolina Supreme Court ruling that allows us all to live in peace on this beautiful mountain without fear of threats and harassment and to pursue happiness as each of us defines it.   We’re also able to express our individuality, enjoy a diversity of ideas and associate as we see fit.  This is what we’ll celebrate on Saturday.  In lieu of a hostess gift and a dish to share, a donation has been made to Feminists for Life.

Robert and Vivian Armstrong

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2 Responses to Picnic on the 6th Anniversary of the Supreme Court Ruling

  1. Kay Kimler says:

    Thank you for your leadership on this issue and for the NC Supreme Court decision. The Crossings at Sugar Hill POA in Marion, NC is also facing being the Respondents in a case filed against them by Property Owners who believe in the legal sanctity of our original founding documents.

    Your website was a comfort.

  2. Chad says:

    I am grateful for your efforts. The NC Supreme Court ruling put a damper on my HOA’s efforts to significantly change our restrictions. We do have common property, but in light of the ruling, the HOA lawyer advised the HOA to use “reasonableness”, and to not make “broad-sweeping” changes to the restrictions.

    I am opposed to any changes after the properties are conveyed. The main argument the CAI has is that “you agreed to these rules when you bought your property”. This assertion is invalid when the rule is changed after the purchase. The CAI is silent when confronted with this point.

    Although your ruling did not stop them from changing the restrictions, it did make them be reasonable about it. I am sorry you had to go through the expense and worry of the suits and appeals, but I am glad it was decided by the supreme court. The decision pulled back the throttles on the HOA dictators. It didn’t stop them (nothing will……inherent in any HOA) but it definitely slowed them down. Thanks again.

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