Neighborhood Picnic – Reply


It was nice to meet you Thursday evening.  Thanks for stopping by to invite us to the neighborhood picnic you’re hosting with Carol later this month.

For the purpose of providing historical context and to explain our motivation, attached is a letter we mailed to everyone concurrently with requesting review by the North Carolina Supreme Court.

While the legal issues were resolved to our complete satisfaction on August 18, 2006, there remains a fundamental difference in our understanding of how we’re to treat our neighbors.  Although the “stick” has been replaced by the “carrot” in advancing the proposal to add walking trails and parks, the association’s ultimate objective is the same as it was in 2003.  The current situation in the Ledges is merely a temporary truce.

Twelve current property owners were among those who consented in writing to the scheme described as “unreasonable” by the Court.  To paraphrase George Staropoli, the founder of Citizens for Constitutional Local Government, there can be no friendly neighborhood get-together until the Amended Restated Covenants with their authoritarian predilections are disavowed.

In lieu of a dish to share, we’ve made a donation to the Wounded Warrior project.


Robert and Vivian Armstrong


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