Ledges Annual Meeting Reply


We acknowledge receipt of your letter urging us to pay what can best be described as welfare for the well-to-do.  The board asks us to pay for insurance to protect their assets and to subsidize the maintenance of our neighbor’s private property.  Instead of redistributing the wealth we choose the activating principle of all human accomplishment – individual responsibility.

A $15.00 payment has been made to Duke Energy account number 0002454597 to cover the cost of the decorative entrance lighting for lots 33, 39 and ½ of 38.

As a matter of clarification, paragraphs 24 and 26 of the Restrictive Covenants do not mandate the approval of all tree removal or exterior changes and improvements
as stated in your letter.  The precise requirements can be viewed at the following link http://www.ledgesofhiddenhills.com/documents/northcarolinarestrictivecovenants.pdf

Our concern continues to be the potential for abuse by private governments and the lobbyist lawyers who enable them.  Here’s an example in North Carolina of what happens when an HOA has legal authority to impose uniformity with fines and liens.

http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20100210/ARTICLES/100219969/1177?p=1&tc=pg . George Washington warned, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent, it is force.  Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

Finally, we reiterate our pledge to contribute to the cost of pruning the evergreen shrubs at the subdivision entrance island. We’ll be happy to coordinate and schedule this work with Richard Fry or any other professional or assist a volunteer crew.

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Robert and Vivian Armstrong

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